The correct way to manage your finances

In Amwaly we desgined

A fantastic system manages your finances with a modern design

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Add any income you receive and divide it as you wish

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Monitor all your investments with their details

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Emergency cash

Have emergency cash available for any critical situation you may face

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And the expense? Of course, it's on you, and let us handle the division

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Both lender and borrower. Record and monitor all transactions

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And of course, you want a monthly donation goal, we'll take care of it

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Saud Shaya Alhafith

App Developer

Motivated and dedicated CS student with a passion for programming and problem-solving. Experienced in Swift, SwiftUI, and Python, Committed to continuous learning and seeking opportunities to apply my skills and contribute to innovative projects.

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Omar Saad Shuail

Website Developer

Driven by passion, I am an aspiring CS student with expertise in web development and Java. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and actively seek opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge projects, making a meaningful impact in the world of software development.

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